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School LMS Software

Nowadays digital learning is mandatory in every school and LMS is now moving into the digital platform so keeping this approach we have designed the Best LMS system witch beneficial for schools and parents. Real-Time Operations Tracking & Year-long support. Fully Tech-enabled Schools.LMS programs allow you to collect all the Big Data in one place. This also makes it easier to store and edit your curriculum. Our LMS co-op creates a high-performance system so you don't have to worry about content falling into the wrong hands.MyDSchool provides the best LMS system for your School.

Each LMS platform includes notification names and statistics. As a result, you can track many aspects of your education online. You can track everything from student participation to eLearning quizzes. Our multilingual support service is essential for organizations that plan to deliver online training services. All students should have the same opportunity to develop their skills.

School LMS Software


Group wise subject Mapping

The subject can be a map with the group so that it's easy to send the Assignment to the student.


Teachers or admin simply upload the assignment as par class and subject and students can view and download the assignment using the parent mobile app.

Group assignment

Admin and teachers can create the group of all class and can send common assignment subject wise, it helps to reduces the operation work of sending assignment to each class.

Question and answer

Student can ask the question related to the assignment, online class, and live class, or any other topic from parent mobile app, and teaches answer their question using teachers mobile app so that student can view the answer given by teachers and all communication history is maintained in the admin portal.

Live class

Our platform integrates with any live video utility like MS teams, Google meets, Zoom, etc to facilitate the live class. Admin or teacher just need to add the live class link against a group of class or the class and student need to click on the live class from parent mobile app to attain the live class schedule by admin or teacher. Also, students get notifications of live class on the parent mobile app.

Online class

Our platform integrates with online video utility like youtube, weemo, etc to facilitate the online video session recorded by teachers. Students need to select an online class from the parent app and can view the video at any time.

School Lms Software


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