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School ERP Software

Our platform is the best School ERP Software system where Admin can manage the school campus process in a very simple way. We have made our school ERP systems with role-based functionality so that users can manage their own assigned work and the admin can monitor and control.

The school ERP software has advanced modules that digitize all the day to day work of the school administration. Hence, make it easy for the performers to complete their tasks by saving time. The administrative and non-administrative tasks are simplified from the complex concept.

We, MyDschool proudly say that our school ERP systems enhance the productivity and efficiency as well of the respective institute. The smart features like online payment gateway, biometric, mobile apps and RFID smart cards are based on advanced technology. Hence, our platform is a complete package of the latest features for the beneficiary of the educational institute.

School ERP Software

Campus Management

Classroom Management

Admin can set up the multiple class and section as a par school facility and can be easily linked with the student, so to facilitate the student registration on the portal and also helps in student data migration from one class to another class.

Subjects Management

Admin can set up the subject as per facility and can be linked with the different modules of our platform.

Timetable Management

Communication of class and the exam timetable to the student is very important and can be done easily by admin with a few clicks and parent/student can view the details in their mobile app/portal.

Certificate Management

The school can generate and print the certificate required for the student.

Shift Management

Management of shifts for student attendance is very important, so to get actual student IN/OUT time, and can be communicated to parents.

Group Management

Our school ERP software platform has the facility to create a group of classes of different sections, that helps admin to reduce their time for sending a notification, assignment, and communion to the student/parents.

Device Management

Admin can configure RFID devices as par the class and gate so that student attendance can be tracked as par device and location.

Department and Designation Management

In this school ERP software admin can set up the designation and the department details for the school staff management.

User Roles Management

Our user role-based platform gives operational security for the platform user as per their role defined by the admin.

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